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What's Random Software up to now?

Random Software participates in SOPA blackout

All new edition of Triad released for Windows Phone 7

Praetor ranks with Harvest, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds

BestWP7Games reviews Praetor

Chess Club released for Windows Phone 7

Game development blog is open!




The most ambitious game we've ever written!!


This combination of collectible card game, strategy board game and role-playing game has been a long time coming.


Legacy Products

All older games and apps


We still support 'em, but we're working on new stuff now.


New Projects

Starting a new round of stuff


With new devices and platforms, it's time to start some new projects too.


Triad for Windows Phone 7


Rebuilt from the ground up, but still the best puzzle game out there.


Omega 3D for T-Mobile Sidekick


The only 3D game that anyone ever produced for the T-Mobile Sidekick.


Abalone for Windows


A one-week project for me, and years later it's still fun to play.